See You

= Day Twelve – June 28, 2018 =

So I wrote this for a friend because she is going away to attend college. I hope she’ll forget me. Not.



= Day Eleven – June 27, 2018 =

Hey y’all. So I can’t remember if this is already the 4th or 5th time I wrote a narrative poem. I actually have fun when I write these kinds of poems but to be honest, it’s really challenging for me since I was critiqued last time by a friend that a “poem has boundaries” and bla bla. But yeah, I realized that I liked this style and I hope you’ll like it too. Also, this was inspired by the ex-member of the Filipino band IV of Spades, Unique Salonga and I kind of have a huge crush on him ever since I found out about the band. My classmates have been also calling me “Unique” because accordingly, I look like him when I have short hair and when I wear round glasses and it’s really a pleasure. Lmao. I hope you’ll like it as much as I had joy in writing it with my imagination. ❣️


= Day Nine – June 25, 2018 =

I really have trouble saying hi to other people especially to the person I like. Where the hell are you courage? And not the dog hahahaha.

I Laugh

= Day Seven – June 21, 2018 =

Omg guys. So when I got to school, I passed by one of my crushes and I said hi to him and he waved a peace sign (lol cutie). Then when lunch came, I had the urge to go to the bathroom and I saw the other guy I like but his back was turned so I only admired the view in that way. When I came back though, he was already facing my direction and so I gathered up all the courage to say hi and he waved at me smiling. Damnnnnn. My heart did not stop fluttering for the whole day and so, CHARAAAAN. I made a 10-stanza poem which is the longest poem I wrote so far. Talk about inspiration.


= Day Six – June 20, 2018 =

So the guy I fancied and I said hi to each other in the hallway last monday and I thought that was it but we kind of had a conversation while he was walking away and we were shouting amidst the crowd which I found funny and cute at the same time. I only saw the other guy I fancied with his back awhile ago so I really hope I’ll be able to strike up a conversation with him just like the first one.