= Day Ten – June 26, 2018 =

Do you ever look at somebody and think that everytime you do, they have this aura that gets to you for no reason?



= Day Nine – June 25, 2018 =

I really have trouble saying hi to other people especially to the person I like. Where the hell are you courage? And not the dog hahahaha.

I Don’t Deserve

= Day Five – June 19, 2018 =

I feel like I don’t deserve anybody at all. With my situation, I don’t think somebody ever is going to love me genuinely because my family and friends don’t even want me. I wouldn’t want myself either.

How Could I

= Day Two – June 13, 2018 =

So I just ignored the guys I fancied last monday and I, myself, don’t know the reason. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve let it slide. Double kill in less than 5 minutes.