= Day Six – June 20, 2018 =

So the guy I fancied and I said hi to each other in the hallway last monday and I thought that was it but we kind of had a conversation while he was walking away and we were shouting amidst the crowd which I found funny and cute at the same time. I only saw the other guy I fancied with his back awhile ago so I really hope I’ll be able to strike up a conversation with him just like the first one.


I Don’t Deserve

= Day Five – June 19, 2018 =

I feel like I don’t deserve anybody at all. With my situation, I don’t think somebody ever is going to love me genuinely because my family and friends don’t even want me. I wouldn’t want myself either.

How Could I

= Day Two – June 13, 2018 =

So I just ignored the guys I fancied last monday and I, myself, don’t know the reason. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve let it slide. Double kill in less than 5 minutes.


= Day One – June 11, 2018 =

So our school year just started and I’ve been planning to write poems for the whole school year though I’m going to exclude weekends and holidays so my mind can rest. Haha. I hope you’ll like the poems that I’ll be posting!